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Goa Lawah Temple is located in Pasinggahan village, Klungkung district. It is about 40 kilmetres or aproximately 60 to 90 minutes drive east of Denpasar. This temple is is well known with a cave at the main part of the temple and also home of thousands of bats.

Goa Lawah which means a Cave with bats is one of  the Sad Khayangan temple or Khayangan Jagat temple. Believed to be one of six most sacred / important places of worship in Bali. This temple is built on area where beaches and hills meet with cave filled with bats. .

History of Goa Lawah Temple

Goa Lawah Temple was established in the 11th century by Mpu Kuturan. Mpu Kuturan was one of the early priests who introduced Hinduism on Bali. The temple complex may start as the center of meditation for priests.

This temple is built for worshiping the Sea God (Bhatara Baruna). Balinese Hindus generally carry out Nyegara Gunung ceremony as the closing ceremony of Atma Wedana or Nyekah, Memukur, or Maligia.

The bats lived in the cave are considered sacred. According to local beliefs, those who disturb the bats will experience disaster afterward. The bats adds a mystical impression of Goa Lawah Temple..

Goa Lawah Temple also the focal point of the Kusamba War, A battle between the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army led by Major General Andreas Victor Michiels against the people of Klungkung led by Dewa Agung Istri Kanya. This war happened in 24-25 Mei 1849.

Entering Goa Lawah Temple

Since the temple is a holy place, visitors are required to honor the courtesy. Visitors have to wear a scarf / shawl tied to their waist. A Sarong is also required if you are wearing shorts or short skirts. \.

The temple is not far from  Kerta Gosa, about  5 kilometres east of  Semarapura.

Entrance ticket is IDR 15.000 per person

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