A. Self Driving

  • Driving Licence:
    An International Driving License is required for foreigners and Local driving licence for Indonesian citizens.
  • Quotation:
    Rental rates are quoted in Indonesian rupiah (IDR), unlimited mileage and included taxes and service charge.
  • Booking Procedure:
    To confirm your reservation an advance deposit¬† is not needed. Please reserve your vehicle by filling our reservation form and we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your bookings. Free delivery and collection of vehicle to Denpasar’s International airport or to your hotels within Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur,Kuta and Ubud areas. Extra charge will be applied to remote areas
  • Rental Hours:
    Rental rates are for 24 hours (self-drive) and 8-10 hours per day (rent car with driver). The rental extension should be informed not less than 24 hours before the expiry date and time, otherwise the car may be pre-booked by another party. If the renter does not return the car and didn’t inform to the rental company within 24 hours since the expiry date and time, then the car rental company will right report it to the police Department mentioning that the car is lost or stolen, all risks taken by police department through the government law will be the renter’s responsibility.
  • Extra Charge:
    Extra hours is available for 10% from the published rate per-HOUR unless prior agreement has been made.
  • Milage Limitations:
    The renter is free to use the vehicle as long as still within Bali Island. It is not permitted to drive the car off the island without prior approval.
    The renter is not permitted to drive a car on the beach and outside the island or extremely not be allowed to drive the car when being sick or drunk. The renter will be fully responsible to any consequence caused when giving the car to be driven by a person other than the renter stated in the car rental contract agreement.

B. With Driver

  • Rental rate is at least for 8 hours and up to 10 hours per day included tax and service charge
  • Exceed 10 hours extra hours is available 10% from the published rate per HOUR
  • Rental rate is excluding gasoline and allowing to the customer to choose their tour destination by them selves within up to the time mentioned (RECOMMENDED)
  • Rentals rate including gasoline can be provided on request and its only available for a specific and limited destinations and should be authorized by car rental company. Means the gasoline cost will be counted subject to the place recommendation by car rental company (NOT RECOMMEND).
  • Rental rate is flat, means it doesn’t included meals,soft drinks,any kind of ticketing fees for show and/or entering¬† tourism destination
  • Unless otherwise specified over night tours is required any accommodation,meals and/or thanks giving to our driver will be at customer’s account.

Payment and Cancellation:

Full payment can be done at the end of rental car with driver contract in cash, Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)  and it could be converted to other foreign currencies at prevailing to the exchange rate on the day of payment. When the car with driver is cancelled by the renter of any personal caused prior to the end of contract period, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged for the remaining days of the former contract agreement. And one-day rental will be charged for canceling the reservation on pick up day. Any refunds are not applied for the car insurance cost

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